The ADA entrance is clearly signed with the ISA (ADA sign), and is the closest gate to the ADA parking.

Whatever tickets you have for the show are sufficient to allow access through the ADA gate and into the accessible seating area. You do not have to prove need to our staff to use the area, and your accompanying party is welcome to join you as well. We do have ADA designated tickets, but in order to make sure all of our guests with disabilities are able to enjoy the concerts at the HHA, we honor every ticket type in the accessible seating area.

We ask that all guests in the accessible seating area be respectful of our guests who may not be able to stand and dance. If you want to dance, please move to the back or side where you won’t block the views of the other guests in that section. We have standard height chairs available for use, but if you’d be more comfortable in your own chair, please feel free to bring that with you.

Note that you will not be able to enter the venue through the main gate with a standard height chair. You must use the ADA gate.