Accessible tickets for all concerts at the Hayden Homes Amphitheater are available through the same methods of purchase as all other tickets.

Select the show you would like to attend and select the BUY TICKETS button. You will be redirected to our ticketing portal at etix.com. If no ADA tickets show available, we may have sold out of the designated number of accessible tickets, but if any tickets are still available for your show of choice, we will always accommodate an accessibility request either at the gate or prior to the show.

You may purchase a GA (general admission) and we will let you into the ADA section (honor system), or if you purchase a reserved seating ticket, we will make accommodation in the reserved seating area of the concert you choose to attend.

Please note, if you do purchase a reserved seating ticket without ADA designation, but require chair accommodation, advanced notification is welcomed.

Companion tickets are available for all ticket types.