Apply to work within our Food & Beverage Team.

  • Alcohol Monitor – ensures proper and safe service to legally-aged patrons.
  • Barback – Bar support; stocking, organizing, running.
  • Bartender – Makes beverages including cocktails, beer, wine, etc
  • Cashier – Use point-of-sale system to ring in and accept payment; deliver customer service.
  • Bar Lead – Go-to for the bar; can answer questions and provide support to any staff member behind the bar.
  • Controller – Organizer; guides/directs staff to scheduled sections.
  • Food Runner – Expedites food orders from the food vendor to the proper patron/location.
  • Merchandise Rover – Singe station beverage server with a point-of-sale.
  • Server – Assists patrons with any food and beverage needs.
  • Set Up – Gets the bar ready for service. Loading, filling, and organizing products.
  • VIP Team (Bartender, Barback, Lead, Server) – Provide enhanced level of service to VIP guest

Food & Beverage Job Descriptions